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Business catering services

Endless options

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Choosing Chef a Go Go means the possibilities are endless. We cater directly to your needs, with no set menus, you’re able to make your event one your employees and their families remember!

Parties of all sizes

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A luncheon with 50 guests or 500, Chef a Go Go can cater the event! Last minute guest? No problem, Chef a Go Go always comes prepared. Your parties will be taken care of, big or small…

Delicious lunches

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From small business lunches, to your next big company event! From small business lunches, to your next big company event! We will help you make sure your employees feel appreciated!

Simple or elaborate business and company event catering

If you’re in need of catering for that extra special milestone in your business, or looking for a special way to say “thank you” to your employees hard work, and service to your company. Or if you simply need to arrange delicious lunches to cover that next company wide training; we’ve got you covered in any event! Contact Chef Bob Harrison to discuss the event in more detail and we’ll be happy help you determine the food and catering service costs. We work hard to satisfy our customers unique business catering and lunch needs!

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